August 2016: Spotlight on Frothy Fridays & The Olympics!

Spotlight: Frothy Friday Brews Cruise

Get a jumpstart to your weekend the OffRhodes way. Our Frothy Friday Brews Cruise is the perfect Friday night experience. This craft beer tour offers beer lovers a chance to explore the craft beer industry right here in the Texas Hill Country area. With safe and comfortable transport, OffRhodes takes you on a journey to 2 craft breweries. At the breweries you can learn how they make their delicious beer and discover the qualities that make micro-breweries so unique. OffRhodes also makes a stop at a local craft beer bar so you can relax, chat, and connect with others who have made the Frothy Friday journey with you.

Interested in the OffRhodes Frothy Friday Brews Cruise? Book for our next Friday tour at The next Frothy Friday Brews Crews is on August 26th from 6-11pm. Be sure to like for more updates.

Olympic Drinking Game


It seems that everyone has been huddled around the TV waiting to see which country takes home the gold medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics. OffRhodes has found the perfect drinking game for you and your squad. Share and enjoy!

  • Take ONE drink every time…
    • The name Michael Phelps is mentioned.
    • The TV pans over to the Brazilian Prime Minister.
    • The US wins a medal.
  • Take TWO drinks every time…
    • You don’t know where the country is located.
    • Michael Phelps wins a medal.
    • An athlete cries after winning a medal.
  • Take THREE drinks every time…
    • A commentator doesn’t know where the country is located.
    • US takes the gold medal.
    • A commentator brings up Russia’s drug scandal.
  • FINISH your drink when…
    • A US Athlete sets a record.
    • A U-S-A chant breaks out.
    • A commentator cracks up at the Chinese gymnast’s name “Dong Dong.”
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