July Craft Beer Tour Schedule!

 July Craft Beer Tour Schedule!

Off Rhodes Craft Beer Tours Bus

While the region is known for its wineries, the craft beer scene is equally thriving.  Part of our goal at OffRhodes is to introduce new folks to the world of craft beer, shining an amber light on the artistic, quality-driven side of alcohol.

Each of our Hill Country Brew Tours includes lunch, three stops at different breweries, and a visit to a craft beer bar.  Along the way, guests will learn about – and sample – the assorted flavor profiles associated with high-quality beer, all while having a great time on the OffRhodes air-conditioned party bus!  

We have also recently added ‘Fermentable Friday Pint Tours’ to our schedule.  They’re perfect for settling down after the work week with friends and an ice-cold brew.

Here is our schedule of tours for July:

  • July 8 (Fermentable Friday Pint Night)
  • July 9 (Hill Country Brew Tour)
  • July 15 (Fermentable Friday Pint Night)
  • July 16 (Bee Hoppy Brew Tour)
  • July 30 (Hill Country Brew Tour)

For more information follow us at Facebook.com/OffRhodesCraftBeerTours! Feel free to pass this along to your friends. Prost!

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