Pecans, Ales, and Meads…Yes!

We had such a fun and informative time this last Saturday on our Bee Hoppy Brew Tour. Our group got to see the ins and outs of the great little breweries and winery/meadery out in the town of Seguin. From the stand alone garage converted into a brewery to the gorgeous tasting room of an ever-growing winery. The expressions on our beer enthusiasts faces says it all when you take our unique and personal approach to a beer tour such as ours. From trying beers that you once didn’t like straight from the source and realizing that it in fact a much more enjoyable brew than the last time you had; visiting a Meadery/Winery you never thought you would enjoy but ended up being your favorite stop on the entire tour…WOW! We here at OffRhodes Craft Beer Tours want you to take home something you can’t find at any other “beer tour” company and that would be our motto “A Craft Brewery Experience.” Seeking out and finding the brewers and owners that are not only trying new things, but also doing it all on their own dedicating all their time and resources into such great products is what we do. Bringing the brewers to their customers and vice versa so that appreciation can be felt all around.

Make the drive out to New Braunfels and experience The Original Hill Country Brewery Tour Company. Our Beer Enthusiasts will have the opportunity to try out a multitude of beers at each location and find a little more about what they like to drink, plus learn something about the industry they did not know about. ¬†We look forward to seeing our beautiful beer enthusiasts again for another adventure on the bus. So…Hop on Board to join us for the best brewery tour around. See you on the Bus! Cheers!!!


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